We both were walking peacefully gazing at the lights studded silhouette of the hills when she turned around and shouted, “WOOAH”. She scared me with her amazed scream in the silent night. When I finally realized why she reacted like that, I repeated the entire expression exactly the same way. The moon looked huge, peeping halfway from on top of the nearby hill, shining from behind all the branches of the trees as if taking small glimpses of us and giving us transient glimpses of her too.

She blushed in orange and floated right beside me as I walked. The moon shone beautifully too but this girl was a more beautiful sight to see. She mimicked the birds trying to fly hoping if she ran fast enough she would lift up. Jumping on one leg and folding the other, she reminded me of the eagles I so loved but more than that she was running so freely with such innocence and such grace, her laugh made the night more divine than it already was.

My goddess, let your skin always shine away the moonlight. Please let your hair be the sky to all the stars you love. Please let your laughter be my music. Please be the child you so divinely are. My goddess, thank you for existing.


Your lover,
The night.