She was riding her red scooter on the same everyday road, her daily morning pilgrimage to her college. Her journey usually began with a beautiful view of the Himalayas. The empty moving road had absorbed her, the concrete and the white lines passing by faster now and she could feel her heart racing faster than the road that couldn’t keep up.

She was no longer wearing her modest t-shirt and jeans with a college bag hung on her back and her hair trapped in the helmet instead she was wearing a high waist ripped denim shorts and cropped up hanging on one shoulder top flaunting her navel and back of the top ripped too revealing her caged bra, revealing a little of herself. Her hair was as curly and frizzy as before but here she let it out because the speedy winds loved them more than an elastic cage. She was riding on a Ducati bike clutching her boyfriend’s leather jacket closely as he drove even faster, he drove her to the kind of high adrenaline that could not be compared with anything she had had before. The dusky horizon blurred out behind them as she slept in that cradle of euphoria. In this reality she smoked, had piercings and tattoos on her and had someone who held her while they witnessed the stunts other bikers had to show. Only one thing was left now, she would have to be chewing gum radiating a thug attitude while leaning on him as he leaned on the bike. They then drove off to isolation, empty road again and she was no longer clinging to him but spreading her arms out breathing in the speed as much as she could when the cold wind brushed her patches of bruises on her elbows, knees and thighs and she loved her scars because they held stories and experiences and they were proof to the fact that she lived what she loved.

Sudden brake, the destination ruled her to stop. She found it depressing as she took off her helmet to think that even a place could dictate her to stop or go. An everyday person living in an everyday life had completed an everyday pilgrimage but she still dares to fantasize and get teleported to another reality, perhaps a place somewhere in the universe where it is all happening and she is perhaps still not happy.