What are details? How do you picture details?

I think details are like collage bits. When I try to describe a landscape that I have seen, I begin with parts of it. Starting with the purple sky tainted with water color sunset drops and now I paste the clouds, huge with sharp circular edges. The green hills and the beautiful reflective lake fill the background. Now that the basic picture has been formed, I proceed to paste on another layer. The lush green wheat fields that stretch on for miles along the lake and a small path that runs through the field which seemed well trodden upon. When I walk through this path I am entirely lost amidst the tall crops and peering over it seems almost like the people wearing red and blue walking afar are all floating on the green field. The minute details come forth now as I paste the tiny colored houses on the hills, the white birds flying in a procession and the numerous lotus leaves and stalks that cover the lake whole.

I have messed it all up haven’t I? I have started from somewhere and deviated from it, then came directly back at it to tell you something that will change the entire picture’s focus. Believe me if I could describe it exactly how it was, I would but it would probably lose the importance of its existence. Ah! but if you were exactly where I was, you would feel that light dusk making the sky look closer and the eyes stretch to distances you had never focused at; you would feel the lake still try to reflect the clouds’ formation despite being covered entirely of the lotuses; you would feel the slippery water droplets just lay on the lotus leaves touching it but not wetting it and you would feel it all coming together with a whiff of a cool breeze that waves the green wheat stalks and all the torn pieces come together into a single picture and everything is alive. The birds, the lake, the crops, the hills, the clouds, the sky and you.