We were sitting on the platform of a fountain that resided ever so slightly near the edge of a hill. The sky was dark but the view had been so beautifully lit by the civilizations and vehicles that existed. The hills nearby were always adorned with such dots of lights during night and I was sitting next to her. There was a dog too lying blissfully near the fountain.


She mostly kept her hair tied but whenever it was dark and no one could see her, she would let the strands free. Her locks were black, amazingly curly and more tangled than the string theory ever can be but her hair would perfectly flow next to her face, and fall gently on her shoulders.


Just when I was admiring the view of her and the landscape, she showed a sudden change of expression. She seemed anxious and when I asked why she pointed at the dark view in front of us. Apparently the lights had all gone, perhaps a power cut of some sort, but that saddened her for a while.


I am very sure about the fact that I had only looked away for a second or less because I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her next. She was still sad but this time I saw the same dots of lights earlier on the hill now on her hair strands. Amidst the dark, she had those firefly-like lights somehow embedded lined up on her hair. Blue, red, yellow, the headlights to the house lights, all shining on her black hair. Then one of the dots of light slipped through one strand and fell down like a droplet. I was eagerly observing what would happen next given my disbelief till now. The moment the light droplet hit the concrete floor, it created a wave of light that rippled through space and spread its shine everywhere.


I was awestruck, she was confused and the dog jumped to its toes. She looked at some of her hair that was in the front and realized immediately somehow as if she had already dreamt of this happening. She then gave a playful smile and bit her lower lip, then shook her head with a childlike smile, her kind of smile. As she shook her head, all the small light droplets just scattered around surrounding our feet and resulted in the creation of waves of colors that I had never seen together like that. She continued to do that as I witnessed a starry explosion under my feet and my universe wrapped around her hair, my universe wrapped by her.