There is a young boy, who wears an aqua green textured kurta
that reaches just a little below his waistline
with the kind of fabric that has wrinkled on the elbow fold of its full sleeves
It fits him a little loose on his thin physique
A 5 year old boy, wearing this and walking around with his tiny footsteps
that try to cope up with his eyes that pace in all directions simultaneously
He is far visioned, not predicting the future
instead predicting how the road will embrace him next when he falls
because he looks everywhere but down


His tiny feet walk on mud, grass and concrete and love each one the same

And I know that his walk has the purpose of chase
Now he could chase anything, hair, hand, legs or shoes

But he chases only the shawls of kurtas red, green and yellow

And the falls of sarees black, blue and white

Some things to grab on, perhaps the only things he remembers of her


He walks on, without destination

Sometimes he doesn’t notice how far the chase has brought him

And when he gets tired he sits somewhere on the top of a hill

Staring somewhere at infinity trying to find out exactly where the horizon is

Trying to find out the answers to all of his questions

Questions of why, how, why not

Questions that no one has the answers to

Maybe that is the reason he wishes to inflict pain upon himself

To maybe search what he looks for in blood and bruise

Touching sishnu with love as if saying you don’t have to be alone

I’ll take the pain if it makes you feel loved.


But as he walked one day along a bricked street in his old chase

He was lifting his hands up and following when he noticed his hand change its color

So he halts right under a sun kissing red translucent plastic roof

Followed by more such roofs that make up a rainbow sky

His skin ignited with candy colors and his eyes widened

And he ran across the street over and over again

Noticing how quickly the floor changed the beautiful colors

With him as the 8th one from the collection of seven


His moment of beauty ended when the street did

But that rainbow sky became his thing of beauty forever

And he no longer chased memories of past or future

He chased colors of now.