In her news feed she saw a post, picture of a drawing made by him. The drawing had a guy and a girl, the guy with demon’s thorns and the girl with angel’s halo. The guy was giving yellow flowers to the angel, and the drawing had some words that said,”Don’t get too close, its dark inside. Its where my demons hide.”

“Oh my god, its our song. We used to sing that together. The girl has hair like mine but is it really me?” she screams squeakily. “Wait, it can’t be me.”
“Wait, it is me, the girl is wearing a wrist band which he gifted me and I used to wear the same thing.Oh my god!!! I can be his saviour and kill away all his demons.I can be his light.”

“The darkness in you is beautiful, I will not destroy you. My light will stay at its end, keep your darkness on the other, we’ll meet at the line that divides us so that you finally realize how much I love these demons you talk of all the time.” a comment said which was by another girl who loved him badly.