The teacher turned on the projector and went on to open the file which he would use to teach the class. The projector seemed to have known something from the beginning because it started playing a game with the two who sat in the front. The projector painted on the white screen a blurry sky blue image with foaming white smudged as we went below and all this framed by two vertical lines again blurred that stood around the blue. The girl in the front found it beautiful how the projector knew her so well. The boy who sat next to her saw her and asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing, its just so beautiful.”

“What do you see that you find so beautiful?”

“Just look at that, doesn’t it seem like someone had been trapped in the dark container for a very long time and finally the door had bee opened and so this light has made his vision blurry and soon everything will get cleared out and he will see a clear blue sky with white ocean calling him.”

He smiled and asked her,”Can you see a boat?”

She kept looking there, she loved the game.”Yes.”

“Tell me what do you see exactly? What came into your mind when you thought of a boat?” he asked her.

“I see a boy standing on the boat looking the other side. The boy is thin, dark and wearing only shorts exposing his skin. His skin seems to be wet, but thats all.”

Then the teacher’s voice got amplified somehow so she looked at the teacher but she only had one question running around in her mind.

“What do you see?”

He smiled a little and said,”I see a boy standing on the boat and then diving off into the ocean.”

She imagined the feeling and the sound of the boy diving into water, exactly how the boy would feel at the moment of splash when he would experience the thrust of the surface and how every sound would be diminished once he gets inside and feel his constant amplitude of a beautiful symphony. How light he would have felt. But only later did she realise that perhaps their visualizations were more same than she would have thought because she understood that the boy she imagined had come out from the ocean after the boy he imagined was done with the water.