A beautiful girl with locks curling their way like the flames surrounding her sat on fire embracing beautifully the immense heat it poured on her. Letting it seep into her skin, controlling it with her hands, conjuring the element and playing with the energy as if like one of her toys. Orange covering her soul.

Suddenly the frame transits into green grass field, with her sitting facing the other side. Her locks were dense black like the clouds above her and they flew like fluid. She oscillated with the wind and against it and repeated the same all the more. Playing with wind as it waved the grass around her, she closed her eyes and felt the rustle of the wind against the plants and the sway of her weightless body.

Then the clouds roar and in slow motion the drops touch her skin, while her eyes follow the drops as they collide onto her parts like a lover touching her for the first time. She was under water with the sheen of some light that guided her through the depths as she danced gracefully and swam in round motion.

Then she steps out drenched and sees a pit nearby, she just knows and so she submits herself onto the earth that called her name. She goes in, and sleeps in the pit as the soil wraps her coiled body and sings her to an eternal sleep.

She connected with the elements that she wished to become; fire, air, water and earth. And she became the fifth, my beautiful fifth, my complete everything.