“Let’s go, don’t be so scared. Trust me please.” He said to his highschool sweetheart.

“What if someone finds out?” she said.

“No one will. I will bring you back safely. I promise.”

“I have never left hostel at this time of night. This is by far the most badass thing I have ever done.” She chuckled and went on climbing down the window of her dorm room. “Okay tell me, where will you take me?” she asked.

“You remember you said you liked to see scarecrows?”


“Well I thought this is the time.”


“Shh, relax. The fun is in the dark, believe me.”

“This is a mistake, I should have known.” She said angrily.

“Why don’t you just trust me and let lose for once? You will not regret it.”

“OKAY, fine. Lead.” She said in a frustrated tone.

He led her to the fields nearby and as they moved in the dark night illuminated by the beautiful gibbous moon and the twinkling lights that scattered around the hills.

“Wait wait, who is that, is someone there?”she asked him with fear.

“Haha, you would think it is someone because the people here are too into this trend.” He said.

“What trend?”

“That’s a scarecrow, can you believe it?”

“NO WAY, it is so realistic.” She said going much closer to it and examining it fully.

“The people are so obsessed about making the most realistic scarecrows that they try to top the other by making them like this. They even make them wear their own clothes.” He explained.

“Woah. That’s insane, such dedication for this? How had I never heard it before?”

“I don’t know. See there are so many. Its almost like an exhibition here.”

“Yeah, there have made female scarecrows too? The people here are too obsessed.”

“Yeah. Well they make these scarecrows of the people who spend the most time on the fields, so that the crows recognize them as the same people.”

“Haha, that’s great. But how do you know all this?”

“Research baby.”

She just kept staring at one of them, they looked like people who had fallen into an eternal sleep with their eyes wide open and hanging on a cross like a god who will probably resurrect soon or maybe never for those eyes they had been mortal when they were permanently opened.

“Why do these faces of the scarecrows look so familiar though?” She asked.

“It couldn’t be. Its probably you thinking of a new story huh?”

“How do you know?”

“I know you more than you know yourself.” He said looking into her eyes with deep passion.

“Well yeah, imagine if these were actually people, I mean corpses of the people in this locality and this one psychopathic killer had done all this elaborate act to gain attention and spread some message. It would be quiet interesting. And then the next day headlines say that this is the most brutal act ever seen in the village and they connect the dots somehow and then the whole story unfolds.”

“I love the way you can think of the most deranged thing and I still find it all so beautiful on the way you think. That’s absolutely beautiful. Tell me more about this character of the killer in your imagination.”

“Well, the killer..okay let me think. Maybe the killer was an outcast, perhaps one of the untouchables and these people together had detested him and made it hard for him to live in the locality so he found time and did this so that he can satisfy himself with their blood first and then with the drama of them hanging as scarecrows. Its perfect for him.”

“But why scarecrows?”

“Maybe to put on a show. Or perhaps the killer had developed his psychopathic behavior from a past experience when he had witnessed his mother burnt hanging on one of those crosses for touching something not to be touched by someone like her, being of the untouchable caste. And I can imagine him so young and witnessing that crying and screaming as they tied him up somewhere near, such brutality could make anyone a psychopath.”

“How can you imagine all that even though you are a high caste girl? How do you imagine the pain and say it like you have felt it?”

“Well I don’t know, maybe its because of you?” She said all this staring at a scarecrow as if visualizing it all more clearly, while he listened to her and kept looking at her, staring.

She had the power to storytell him out of reality, and he had the power to imagine all that and fall in love with her mind, every single time. “Tell me why didn’t you bring me here tomorrow in daylight? Why now?”

“Because we never know, if tomorrow will come or not. Will we be here tomorrow, nah I had to show you this right away.”

She smiled at him. They stayed there for a while then left the place, he dropped her back at 3 am saying his goodbye. The morning came, she had not slept even after 3, she wrote the story down and by the time she was finished it was 6 already. Then she couldn’t open her eyes anymore so dropped down on the bed, submitting herself to sleep. The next morning, she found out that she was the first one to see the crime scene, the most brutal crime committed in the locality.