They had loved each other for so long but from a distance, which the others told them to be safe. But the Sun, he just loved her so much, and the moon, she loved him back. They would roam around freely in space wandering about the celestial ones. The Sun always considered himself the largest of all and burnt with such light that illuminated his pride, but the moon never saw anything else but his love.

One day they decided finally to meet. The Sun as huge as ever, as proud as ever and red from the heat, hot from the ego. The moon was beautiful and smooth, it held life like no other celestial body had. She had the green locks with blue skin and had been waiting for this day all her life. And finally they met.

Their meeting was grand but unfortunately not what they had expected it to be. Their meeting was a catastrophic one, the Sun’s heat and light destroyed her like never before. She no longer held life, her water dried, her green burnt and her land barren like the others. She was burnt and damaged but she beautifully accepted the craters her lover had given her, she loved him nonetheless. But he couldn’t see how much he had hurt her and knew when he saw her losing her life he couldn’t live with what she had done with his love.

So he made sure he never came close to her ever again. So they never met, always on the other side of another life bearing one that separated the two. The sun never found this body as beautiful as his moon was but the moon always blamed the one in between the reason for their distance. But even though he never met her, he made sure he gave her the light she deserved. She was barren now but his light always made her look more beautiful than she was after their meeting. He blamed himself all the time for making her that way, but he never realized how lonely she felt after that. She thought he left her because she didn’t have her beauty any more and lived in that lie, but she always tried to reach out, to find him amidst the others, the brightest. But it all happened like that and they never met after that.