“Where are you taking me?” she asked.

“You’ll see.” He answered.

“Just tell me already, where?” she asked in an irritated tone.

“Why can’t you just keep quiet huh?” he replied irritated.


They were always like this; in fact theirs was the epitome of brother-sister war situation.


“Are you going to drop me off somewhere and run away?” she said sarcastically.

“Why would you think that? If I had to I would have done it way back.” He replied in the same tone.


“Okay get off now.”

“What is this place? Oh wait I remember, we used to come here for picnic right?”

“You remember? How old was I then? 10?”

“Yes and I was 7.”


They both were smiling, the rarest of all scenarios.


The sister looked at him and wondered why he had brought her to the place. It was beautiful, a place uphill with the best view. It was not so popular because of the difficulty of reaching there, but they loved the place too much not to go there nonetheless.


He went near the tree that remained the same unlike the innocence that was there in their childhood. He lied down near the tree and she followed. That’s what they would do when they were tired of playing, they would just lie down next to each other. Today they were tired of their lives and their hatred.


“Do you remember that time you said that clouds were farts of God?”

“Yes, and do u remember how you would jump right on me as I lied down to examine the insects?” and it went on for hours, the retrospection and the reminiscing the good times and laughing like there was nothing to lose. During this they both thought, “What had happened to us?”


“You had been sent away for hostel to get better education, I could never get your guidance or get to share my sorrow with you.” She thought to herself.

“I hated the fact that you were alone there where I could not share anything with you that I was going through, where I could not be there for you.” He thought sadly.


And after the heavenly time they spent talking, they both fell asleep. If one would look at them sleeping one would only see two children deep in their innocent land of dreams carelessly exploring what they could not recall later at all. They had the best feeling then. During the sleep, they felt protected and cared by each other as they closed their eyes.


She opened her eyes first and looked at him as the sunset’s beautiful orange shade glaze his face evenly. She was perplexed at the happiness she had felt at that moment. She had never been so baffled at anything at all in fact but today was not the same. They had spent those hours without spitting the words of hate. They had finally understood what it meant to be siblings, they had finally learned to love again.