He walked always on the grey, the stones, roads and concrete;

Or marble, tiles and carpets, all with designs chic

What didn’t he have? From the whites to the blacks, and all shades in between


One day he left it all, the roads with puddles, the concrete broke

The marbles yellow and the cracked stones

The carpets torn and the designs old

What did he now have? From the whites and the blacks, all shades gone


When he stood up and found himself teleported

From where he knew it all had started

To a paradise that seemed to have forgot him

And he tried to go back where his home had left him


As he walked he couldn’t believe

The ground that lay underneath

He walked fast usually but here he stopped entirely

For the grass made him take off all of him

The green that his feet longed to get dipped in

The green that his eyes longed to seep in

And the green that could never with grey compete

Because the grey sterned him,

But the green made him realize the grey isn’t what he needs.