via Daily Prompt: Reach

She had lost her balance somewhere off the cliff’s edge where she went to escape herself. As she fell in slow motion, her dark hair elegantly covered her face as if she was under water and her strands were flowing following a symphony of their own and her hands trying to grasp the nothing she saw before her in hopes of a rescue that she could no longer hope for. Then she just closed her eyes and thought, “This is it.”, and gave a smile which she thought in the split second was a sarcasm to her sorrow.

Right then, the hands held onto her faster than she could realize the possibility of that rescue. And they reached out to her. Her parents and her friends all were holding on, trying to reach out when she tried to shut herself away. She thought the cliff was her place for the dark, but that dark was darkening her loved ones, and they were always there just never in the light.

And feeling the love, she reached out too.