Today is Shrawan 1st, that is the fourth month in the Hindu calendar. According to the Hindu culture, this month is the one for fasts, celebrations and worship rituals. But this month is more famous among the women both married and unmarried. The married ones fast praying for longevity of their husbands’ lives while the unmarried ones fast praying for a husband like the Lord Shiva who has a beautiful yet spine chilling love story of his own.

The fasts are not the best part, the mehendi ceremonies are. Mehendi is made of a plant called hena whose paste gives a red or maroon color when applied on hair or skin. This tradition brings a thousand of different designs for the women to choose from to apply on their hands to beautifully adorn their skin. And the hype is quiet big. And there is always a competition (although never said aloud), that whoever’s skin gets adorned with the darkest shade of mehendi will have the most loving husband, and the darker and longer it stays the more will he love her for longer time. But of course mehendi has its own fun game to play with the ladies. It surprises them after they wash the dried mehendi paste off their palms, there is most probably an unpredictable shade.

This shade keeps the ladies anticipating for an entire night or hours and they try their best to use as many tricks to make it darker not realizing in the hype, though, that the shade is in no way scientifically related to a man’s emotion of love. But then again, religion and faith were never matters that science could solve, so maybe the belief in its own little place in the calendar has a lot of importance for it gives a beautiful feeling of anticipation, joy, togetherness and of a little predictability of what the future holds which is accompanied by the unpredictable shade of mehendi