His eyes froze on me as they shone like the snow reflecting the sun’s shine. His chest was rock solid, his abdomen hard and his cuts and edges perfect. His arms were heaven and his neck’s terrain was filled with veins. Oh how much I want to be wrapped in his arms, feel safe and warm and have my lips touch his beautiful neck and my hands trace the landscape of his chest. He is my land of interest, my land to explore. I feel so small around him, I feel like the world looks so small around him.

He stood there so tall, so firm, so strong that I could stare at him for ages. He looks majestic as if his aura was more divine than that of god and thus, I had become a devotee myself. He had become my religion. He had become my god. I had never felt to devoted in my life as I stared at him with such dedication and passion which I hadn’t felt in my entire life.

I was in love with him, the kind of love I had never truly experienced. I stayed there looking at him as slowly the clouds and the mist covered him, the clouds were my enemies after all. And just like that I could not see the Himalayas anymore, just like that I had fallen in love and just like that the Himalayas became my God.