“We have to hurry, this island will melt soon.”

“Look there, the lava.”

“Look back, theres another flood, this time its water.”

“This is madness.”

“Oh no, this isn’t  madness, this is today’s mission.”

“We can do it, come on jump now.”



“Phew, I think we’re safe now, we’re safe here.”

“No, no the tornado is yet to come.”

“So how can we stay safe? We cannot run away from the tornado.”

“I know a way. Let’s build a fortress.”

“Are you sure these pillows can save us.”

“I am sure, I’ve tried it a hundred times, don’t worry.”

“Honey? Where are you?” called out her mother.

“Oh there you are. Aw, she’s asleep. Its okay, Mum will take you to bed. I wonder why she keeps building these pillow homes all the time.”

The drawing hall was flooded with lava and water mixed, the sofas had turned into islands to hop on, the pillows the stone, and she had saved the day. She was a child, she could do anything.