I have my eyes closed, a cool, smooth breeze flows past me and I can feel the grass waving on my skin as I lay on the velvet ground. The sun seems bright but the tree above is providing us enough shade. And my head is enjoying the warm pillow of my mother’s lap. I can feel her subtle breaths, as I trace the air from my stomach to my nose. I feel so safe like I have never felt before. The head of the family can be seen resting his head carefree. I can’t remember my responsibilities, my fears, my pretentious strength. I don’t have to be strong anymore, I don’t have to be the 35, the wisest, or even the smartest. I can be a child, mischievous, even dumb, I can show my weakness because I am safe there. She is so beautiful, so placid, composed, I feel my heart beat like it were finally meditating when I can feel her presence. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world as her soft sweet voice brushes my ears, everything she says sounds like a lullaby, and then to make it all more heavenly she slides her hands through my hair, and gently caresses my forehead which becomes my sedative for that moment.


And then when I open my eyes, I see my daughter, my five year old, caressing my forehead like I was one of her dolls, showing me love and care perhaps unknowingly but beautifully. It had been a long time I had not seen my mother, she had left us all a few years back, and it had left me heartbroken but today I found her again, I finally found her and she was right there. She was my daughter, my mother, my life.