13711511_1040874769321412_1956622539_o“Hey sis, stop it, otherwise your dress will become dirty, you know The People are coming today.” Said Jason. He was only 14 but perhaps the most mature among his group.


His sister, Sia, was trying to plant a wild flower in the garden.

“Sorry, its just over now, I’ll be careful.” Sia said with an innocent smile. Sia had gathered a crowd in the garden, a crowd of all her siblings. Sia was the youngest and the most loved by her all her elder siblings. She was only 8 but no one could win her in words and talks.


“What are you doing?” asked her brother, Jason.

“Just seeing if this works.” , she replied.

“What works? Why are you doing this?” Jason asked.

“Because I have understood now.”

“What have you understood?” asked Raheem, another one of her brothers.


“Won’t you tell us?” asked now her elder sister.


“I will but where is Ravi?” asked Sia.

“Ravi? He has gone to meet The People, don’t you remember?” said Jason.

“Oh, right!” said Sia a little less excited and happy than before. Ravi was the one who gave her the idea after all and she wanted to show him what she was doing.


They were all 20 or 30 in total, and they lived together. It was an enormous joint family but unlike other families, this one had lesser disputes and more diversity. The family was open minded and so there were names like Ravi, Jason, Sia, Raheem and so on. They were the best definition of siblings there could ever be.

“You were about to tell us what you were doing.”

“Yes, yes of course.”


“So one day I was just coming back from school and I saw a beautiful flower, right there, near the road, completely unprotected, and so beautiful. I thought I would take a petal and keep that beautiful part with me and clean it and take care of it. I thought it would look beautiful in a bowl of water. So, excitedly I brought it home, but when I kept that petal on the surface of water in the bowl,…”


“What happened? It turned into a butterfly and flew away?” joked Kushal.

“No, maybe it got mixed in the water? You know we learnt yesterday about dissolution, it could have been that.” guessed Monica, who was the only science geek among them.


“No, no. Nothing of that sort happened. That petal just didn’t do. It didn’t look as beautiful as I had seen it there where I had first seen it, it wasn’t the way I had imagined it either.”


“So what did u do then?”


“I thought maybe its because the flower which is the group of those petals is beautiful as a whole and the petal individually is not enough. So the next day I plucked a flower and brought it back home. But still something was missing. It wasn’t quiet what I had wanted. The flower was shiny pink with tints of red in the middle, but it seemed incomplete on the bowl.” she said dabbing the mud.


“And then?”


“Then I thought maybe it needs its stem to go along, as if it were its support. Maybe it liked to stand tall. Maybe it is supposed to look good in a vase and not a bowl. So the next day I cut down a stem which had the flower. But it still didn’t work out well, it looked like a person’s neck without any ornaments and it definitely needed the green ornaments. I thought that maybe the leaves and their shade of green gave the flower’s appearance a varied look.”


“So now did you cut the leaves too?”


“Yes of course I did. I cut the stem so that I got the leaves in it too.”


“Now did it look good enough for your eyes?”, joked one of them.


“Somehow, even that didn’t do the work. Actually the whole plant looked beautiful because all the flowers were joined together by one single stem and I had cut just a small stem not the main one. And the one I had cut looked too lonely to be beautiful. So I decided to cut the main stem. But I thought about it quiet a few times before I cut the whole plant. I had done so much of cutting and was not satisfied and I realized that maybe that main plant will also not look good in that vase and it will die very soon just like the petal and the stems did. So I thought of an idea.”


“Is this your idea?”


Sia was now finally watering the wild flower that she had planted in their garden.

“Yes, I thought of giving that wild flower a garden to grow in. I took out the whole plant along with the roots and the soil. It will definitely look good now that it has a place where it can flourish properly, like a home. This garden is so much better than that road side. Here it will stay clean and dust free. It will get all kinds of facilities like clean and fresh air, water twice a day and medicines if it should ever get sick. That roadside was dirty and full of pollution and there were so many other plants around it that it must feel hot and crowded like it gets here during summer nights in the room.”


“Are you done planting it?”




“What happened Sia? You don’t seem so happy even now. What is wrong?” asked Jason.


“I don’t know.”


“Sia, the people are here to meet you.” screamed a voice in an enthusiastic tone.

“I will be going now, you guys take care of the flower for me, okay?”

“Sure thing, sis. We will love it as if it were you.”

Sia gives an incomplete smile. She had been living there since her birth and her siblings were her everything and now the people would probably take her somewhere far.


That wild flower still lies in that orphanage with the beauty that it had always held but with a sadness that it wasn’t in the roadside with the other plants of its kind. She was no longer with her kind, she had gone to a better garden, but her heart still remained in that roadside.