“They are killing us by sending us to gas chambers, but in a way they are doing us a favor after all we have been being deprived of the most basic human rights, its better not to live than to live like this. I wonder if our children will ever live to know what we have been through.”


“I have been deprived of the education that I so longed for. I couldn’t join the school because they said my parents couldn’t give the green papers. I couldn’t understand then what power the papers had until yesterday when my child died before I could bring back bread from one day’s wage. It’s a cycle that never ends. We are poor because we are illiterate, we are illiterate because we are poor.”


“I am not allowed to drink the same water they do, neither am I allowed inside the holy places they worship. I am made to do manual scavenging and I have been deprived the facilities also the necessities because of my caste. Will my children go through the same fate of untouchability?”


“We are deprived of a small crumb of bread let alone one square meal. Poverty had never left the collars of our kinds who wear no collars of shirts, just collars of melanin, it hasn’t still left us.”


“Being born a girl, I have been deprived of the equal freedom, societal perception and opportunities like the boys in my class. I have to constantly prove myself because we are thought to be naturally made dumb and unambitious, so even if I am weak in a subject they think its because I am a girl and inherently dumb and not because I am simply weak at it maybe because I am not interested.”


“My countrymen have been deprived of a sound sleep as any second they might bomb it all into ashes in the name of what they call their God, their religion. I wonder what religion wants to kill people and rule over the leftover corpses as the vultures mock the victorious for their deserted kingdom. Fools are the people who think a country is strengthened my killing the people living in it and driving the rest out of the fear. Let my children, at least, to not see this side of humanity.”


Their children and grandchildren grew up to a land of equality, a land where everyone respects each other’s rights and freedoms, a land where security is everyone’s basic right and a land where everyone is happy. Our children are living in peace and harmony, with brotherhood without biases, but differences that are celebrated not segregated. Where kindness and benevolence rule over the mankind with sweet and polite virtues. It is so funny how our children wake up in their sleep in the land of Utopia everyday and then wake up finally into the world where utopia only exists in the dictionary and when they ask why, they are deprived of the answers they seek by the same sentence each time, “It is just like this. It is the way it is.”

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