Camera starts from a close up on the little girl’s shoes and it keeps going up towards her face, very slowly. The shoes seem worn out, her legs are thin, dark and even dirty, her red frock isn’t that neat and her hands are muddy. In fact her face also doesn’t seem so charming like the other kids’ but as the camera slowly moves up from nose her eyes come into picture and they can carry an entire universe. Her eyes as wide as the universe itself, having the shine missing in her shoes, having the appeal missing in her dress and having the charm missing in her face, light up and her iris moves about following something. Her face sometimes smiles, sometimes wonders and sometimes just stretches itself in amazement but her eyes are constant, they remain wide. Everything else is blurry, just she looks clear and then slowly even the background becomes clearer. The street plays and activities have always fascinated her. (The people performing stunts and plays are shown in slow motion). For her those moments of witnessing street art are the most beautiful that she can remember from her childhood. She stares at different people with the same eyes. The girl is stationary while the scene keeps changing and the dancers change into singers, singers into magicians, magicians into monkeys, monkeys into frauds and frauds into policemen but for her each performance is worth watching.


She remembers the day when her mother had bought her those shoes, they were not girly instead they were very comfortable perfect in assisting her in all her journeys in the streets near her home where these artists gathered a crowd. Her mother knew how to buy things that were good in cheap prices. And she was the heir of a small rented house and her mother’s wedding dress. She is the only daughter, in fact the only child in her family. As she grew up the same eyes looked at the huge black board that saw the teacher performing a confusing act of speaking things in a mystic language of numbers, she loved the patterns those characters made when the artist drew them out on the board with chalk, only later did she realize that they were lines of equations that she only glanced at as patterns. Then in her most favorite time of the day she would just enjoy the dramas her seniors practiced in the dance room when competitions or festivals came near. Sometimes when no one would be there in the room, she would pretend to be on stage performing with the spotlight that Sun gave her imagining she was the only one getting that ray from the window pane of the dance room, and enjoy the feeling of just acting like the girl who is too good for anyone else or like a boy who plays like no one else can or an old lady who can not see properly and she just laughs at her own performances at times. She loved the feeling.


Now the scene fades off and camera shows the same pair of feet, now bigger, wearing high heels and they keep on walking and as the camera rolls up, the slim fit jeans and white shirt and leather jacket come into vision, she is holding her brown bag in one hand and her phone on the other and her wide eyes have now been covered in shades darker than the brown of her iris. And as she walks past the street performances now more modernized than before, she just glances at them as she moves forward and she walks off. But the little girl in the red frock can be seen hung onto each one of those performances. The little girl stayed there with the same wide eyes and kept staring in amazement every single time. The lady walks and the camera follows her lead and she is seen entering into a building where she goes every single day. She opens the door and there is her everyday paradise, the theatre, the stage, the spotlight, the chairs, the curtains and she herself.


And then she opens her eyes, as if she was dreaming and then she realizes she actually was dreaming and takes it all in, the house, the alarm, the crying baby, her everyday long drapes of the clothes she doesn’t like to wear and the complaining husband who is asleep. Her days pass by watching the dramas and movies on TV and sometimes doing what she does when no one is around, she pretended. She acted so beautifully but her art was lost inside the cracks of the walls that bind her.


Even though now the lady does not stop like she used to whenever she sees any performances outside, her wide eyes have not stopped absorbing happiness from those performances, they still saw those performances with the same enthusiasm but with a maturity on the face so as to mask the little girl in the red frock with the beautiful wide eyes. Her adult mind had after all adulterated the girl’s innocence. Life had after all shortened the girl’s wide eyes.